These are some of my best drawings. I mainly draw anime/manga style, but I like to draw portraits every now and then also. Most of them are from 2008, though. I've been pretty busy in the past few year

I'll update this page when I've got something new to upload! :3

To see more, please visit my deviantArt gallery ~

A Valentine's gift I gave to my boyfriend :3

Commission: 3 drawings for cute-mii.eu (which is offline now).
This is the very first time I actually got money for my work

TSUKASA (drummer - D'espairsRay)
Miyawaki Wataru (singer - 12012)

Hasaki Minami & Hasaki Otome - Cherry Juice
TSUKASA (drummer - D'espairsRay)
Son Gohan and Icarus - DragonBall Z
Son Gohan - DragonBall Z
Request: Son Goku (DragonBall) & Drea
Aoyagi Ritsuka - Loveless
Cross Yuuki & Kuran Kaname - Vampire Knight
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