13 December, 2012

Inactivity / stop blogging?

Hey all~ Excuse my inactivity in the last couple of months. I've seen that I've written my latest blog somewhere in June and I haven't really shown myself since then. Main reason for that is because I had a long break during summer holiday which I spent with my family, Shortly after relaxing time it was already time to go back to school. I also have to admit that there are some personal issues going on that I've been dealing with in the last couple of months. This also explains why I'm kinda not very motivated to write (long) posts for my blog XD

I'm actually thinking about dropping the whole blog thing and stop posting stuff here. It can be time consuming and I never really have something interesting to talk about anyway, so I'm kinda thinking "who am I doing this for again?" XD I mean there's a lot of things that I like to write about, but it's mostly about personal stories, events I've experienced or stuff I bought. I feel like it's not really interesting for visitors to read, so I could better stop waisting my time. I'll think about it more thoroughly and I might write another blog post when I feel like it.

Thanks for reading~! <3

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