15 June, 2012

Primark buys

I went to Primark yesterday with my parents. I wanted to score some new clothes before I go on holiday to Indonesia next month. Last time I was there I was like "Must try on EVERYTHING!!", but their collection wasn't that special this time. I did find some nice stuff though!

I think I'll keep on editting my pictures like this in the future when I bought new clothes (thanks Drea, for the inspiration~). I don't know, it just looks neat :3

Yep, dyed my hair black-ish again!

Another thing: Yesterday I also had my very first driving lesson! I actually was less nervous than I thought I'd be, so that's a good thing! I didn't really know what to expect, but everything went quite good and it was pretty fun! My next lesson will be somewhere next week. I'm curious of how that'll turn out ^^.


  1. Ahh cute buys! :D
    I must have that shirt and cardigan! D:<
    We now got the same bag, but other color yay! :D
    That backpack looks cool too ;o; do books fit in there?
    I must visit asap, probably next week XD

    Warning; the first 10 lessons are great! But after that you will have to deal with it hahaha! XD You'll be fine :3 Just take your time, relax and do what the instructor tells you to do~
    If you need any help or tips, you can always ask me XD

  2. aww schattige dingen vooral dat hello kitty shirtje <3


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