15 June, 2012

Drawing: Sumino Hikage

Remember that my brother has gotten me Copic markers for my birthday? I've been dying to try them out, but I didn't have much inspiration at all of what I could draw.

Recently I'm kinda hooked on manga and anime again. I guess that seeing that beautiful art style inspires me to take out a pencil and start drawing. I've also noticed in the past that whenever I'm not into a specific series, I can't draw. Because I just don't know what to put on paper.

About two weeks ago I bought volume 1 of the manga called 'I am here!' (Koko ni iru yo!). I read it and loved it so much that I immediately bought volume 2 on the internet. Yes! Found something I'm hooked on. Drawing time! :D

I wanted to draw the main character Sumino Hikage and try out my newly gotten Copic markers. This is the result!

I must say that I'm kind of proud of this piece. Especially because I haven't drawn in ages! I was afraid that I had forgotten how to draw. But sketching it went really well and quickly! I'm also happy with the outcome of the Copic markers. Right now I'm limited in using colors because I only have a set of 12 markers. I will definitely color more with Copics and eventually buy new sets!

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