18 May, 2012

How to transfer a Pokémon from Global Link to your DS

You can transfer Pokémon you've encountered in the Dream World to your Pokémon Black/White game. I saw that there's a Lucario promotion going on until 23 May 2012 (thanks Sanne!) which you can befriend in the Dream World and send it to your game through Game Sync. As I haven't caught Lucario yet, I wanted to have it. 

It was my first time using Dream World, so I had to figure out how it works. I got a little confused XD I managed to get Lucario in my game, so below there's a step-by-step explanation about how to tranfer a Pokémon from the Dream World to your copy of Black or White. I don't know if more people didn't really get it or if I'm the only one lol XD But anyway, I hope this helps!

Wi-Fi Event: Get Darkrai in Pokémon Black and White!

I read about this Wi-Fi event to get Darkrai on my friend's blog. I thought I could just share this with the rest of you Pokémon gamers! ^^

This special Dark Pokémon is available from May 9 till June 10 2012. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow. What are you waiting for? Come on and get your Darkrai!

An explanation about how to get Darkrai can be found here.

09 May, 2012

Latest buys

I came across these cute Chocobo items when browsing the web. The Chocobo tumbler was made for Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary and I really wanted to have it once it got released! It's so adorable, and might come in handy when I'm going to Indonesia this summer! And you just gotta love the little face towel right? ^^

Since I'm wearing eye contacts again for about a month now, I wanted to get a cute case to store them in. Unfortunately the face on it kinda faded away already, so I had to trace it with a marker, haha. Got this one from eBay.

I also bought two new Hello Kitty protective bumpers for my iPhone. I loved my previous case, but it was pretty big wasn't really handy to carry around. This bumper is a lot smaller and thinner and my iPhone easily fits in my pocket now XD I'm really happy with it~! I bought two so I could change the color every now and then and I couldn't choose just one. I'll make another picture later of how it looks on my iPhone.

Two weeks ago I bought Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, a game for the DS. I've always wanted to play this one~ It's loads of fun, very addictive and I just love the simple turn-based fighting system. After I finished it I want to buy Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (or maybe save that one for my long airplane flight to Indonesia?)

Happy with my new buys! ^^
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