04 April, 2012

New monitor!

Yes! I've finally gotten myself a brand new monitor! I'm so happy with it~ I needed a bigger monitor to work with because I always work on my MacBook (13") and my desk is rather low. I have to keep looking down and sometimes I automatically bent forward just to be able to see my screen well XD It's not that great for my back posture at all.

Last week I went to a electronics store with my dad to look for a new monitor. I don't understand anything of all those technical specifics and stuff so I had to drag him with me. I eventually bought a 23" Philips monitor. For those who want to know, it's a Philips 234EL2SB Full HD LED monitor (XD). The resolution is 1080p (1920x1080).

I've connected it to my MacBook now and everything looks so big and bright now o_o So happyyy! I even got a lot more space on my desk now, yay!
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