23 March, 2012


Wah, yesterday was the very first time I went to Primaark! I know, sue me xD I've always wanted to go there but never had the time (and money) to go. Today I went to the Primark in Zaandam together with Drea! :3

I was really excited for this day because I've heard girls everywhere being all hyped up about Primark XD And I was like; Heyyy I wanna go too D: I was hoping they had a nice clothing collection and they had! *-* I bought so much! I had a budget for today but I went a bit over it, oops~

Here's what I bought!
- Light blue cardigan, 4 shirts
- Short trousers: dark blue & dark pink (looks red on pic)
- Hairbrush, small purse, nail files, 10 pairs of socks, black tights

Score! :D I'm ready for summer~!

After some shopping Drea and I went to my home. We watched some anime and made sushi for dinner. So yummm! *_* After having eaten it all we made some pics, she packed her bags and I brought her to the train station to go home. It was awesome! :3

21 March, 2012

Current wallpapers

Just a random post of my 20 favorite wallpapers I'm currently using on my MacBook. My desktop wallpaper changes every 30 minutes and I thought I'd share the ones I'm using right now with you! ^^

I mostly use game- and anime wallpapers. I'm sorry for the Final Fantasy spam, but everyone should know by now that I just love the series haha ;3

None of the wallpapers are mine, I found them all on the internet, so credits go to those who made them!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud & Sephiroth (1600x1200)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud & Sephiroth (1920x1200)
Final Fantasy X - Yuna & Tidus (1280x800)

Able to wear contact lenses again!

Aah I've been waiting for this~

I used to wear eye contacts about 4 or 5 years ago but eventually had to stop wearing them after 2 years because my eyes got dry each time I wore my lenses for only a couple of hours. I eventually went to see an optician to get my eyes checked and they said that it could damage my eyes if I continued wearing my contact lenses. I seemed to have a lack of lacrimal (tear?) fluid, which is the reason why my eyes felt like they were burning when wearing them D:

Sooo I decided to go for glasses. I didn't really mind though, I still don't actually have any problems wearing glasses, but sometimes it gives me a headache when watching to a screen too long. And I do think that I look better without wearing glasses teehee ^^;;

Yesterday I went to let my eyes checked again. I wanted to know if my eyes are able to deal with contact lenses now. So after 40 minutes doing all kinds of 'tests', the lady who helped me got all kinds of results and she told me that there are special contact lenses on the market these days that are suited for very dry eyes. Yay! I immediately got some lenses to try out for a month. Wearing them as I'm typing this post! (^_^)b

Now the only thing that's left is to find a cute lens case! I've been looking on eBay (doh), but I'm not sure if I want a 'travel' set (you know with tweezers, a mirror etc. etc.) or just lens cases to store them in.

Here's some random cute cases that I found~

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