19 December, 2011

Winter/Christmas buys II

As I'm a girl who loves to wear sneakers and NEVER walks on (high) heels, I don't have any decent shoes to wear on Christmas day. I actually bought a pair of heels.. once.. 2 years ago.. but mum threw those away because they seemed to be damaged XD Just like everybody else, I do like to dress up nicely on Christmas, especially because I always spend it together with my family. I thought it was about time to get some neat heels again.

I've had it on my mind for a while already what kind of pair of heels I wanted, but I browsed a bit on the internet first to see which (cheap XD) stores had such a pair. I immediately found it at a shop called Van Haren. They sell pretty decent shoes for nice prices ^^ I went there together with my parents today and found exactly the ones I had in mind! They even had it in my shoe size! Well, finding something you're looking for doesn't happen very often now does it? ^^ Something that I also reaaally liked was the price. They were discounted from €49,90 to €39,90. And it ALSO had a label on it saying "50% off", so I only paid about €20 for those!! HAPPY! =D

I also needed new slippers (you know, to keep my feet warm in cold times~). My current Hello Kitty ones are already old and look ugly haha XD I found a new pair of Hello Kitty slippers at the same store, which also had a 50% discount. The slippers were only €5! Mission complete~

After that we went to the HEMA and I bought some new nail polish there. A dark brown one and a dark green one. Also bought tiny diamond stones to use for nail decoration. I want to use put those on my nails with Christmas ^^

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