30 November, 2011

kanonxkanon concert!

Ohhh this concert was SO amazing! <3 I went to see kanonxkanon together with my cousin, Elisa, who loves J-music (especially J-rock) just like I do :3 Drea would also come with us but she suddenly became ill and couldn't go unfortunately..

kanonxkanon, the duo project Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon (bassist from An Cafe) formed is fairly new (mid. 2010) and this was their very first European tour. We've been so lucky they came here, to this tiny country Holland! That doesn't happen very often. J-artists are more likely to perform in Germany, France, Spain etc.

Let's get to the point~ (there are some pics further in this post ^.^)

We first bought some merchandise before we went to the concert hall. I bought a t-shirt and a poster. After that we dropped our stuff at the wardrobe and waited for the concert to begin. When music started playing and Kanon Wakeshima came up, slowly walking to the center of the stage, my eyes got a little watery.. yay tears! She looked so amazing... And her voice is truely beautiful..

After she played some of her own songs, she left the stage and Kanon appeared! I didn't know he's an otaku DJ? Haha. He mixed some anime openings and showed official anime intro's on a screen. At some point he also showed the PV of An Cafe's song 覚醒ヒロイズム (Kakusei Heroizumu)~THE HERO WITHOUT A "NAME"~. When An Cafe appeared on the screen, everyone suddenly started to scream XD Kanon also announced that An Cafe will be back! Yay! After he finished, he also left the stage.

After a while of random, funny and cute video's they showed us, both Kanons appeared. This time it was time for kanonxkanon! They both seemed to enjoy this part especially. Kanon suddenly became super hyper and Wakeshima-chan smiled the whole time~ They taught how to dance to their song ("恋の道程 (Koi no Doutei)". It was so much fun! ^^


After the concert ended, Elisa and I hurried back to the train station and went home. This was definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to <3 I hope they'll come back some time!


  1. I feel so shitty that I missed it huhuhu ;o; they BETTER be coming back! XD I'll join you when there'll be an other concert :3

  2. Glad you had fun at the concert! It's been a long time since I attended a concert :( I like the t-shirt you bought :)



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