30 November, 2011

kanonxkanon concert!

Ohhh this concert was SO amazing! <3 I went to see kanonxkanon together with my cousin, Elisa, who loves J-music (especially J-rock) just like I do :3 Drea would also come with us but she suddenly became ill and couldn't go unfortunately..

kanonxkanon, the duo project Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon (bassist from An Cafe) formed is fairly new (mid. 2010) and this was their very first European tour. We've been so lucky they came here, to this tiny country Holland! That doesn't happen very often. J-artists are more likely to perform in Germany, France, Spain etc.

Let's get to the point~ (there are some pics further in this post ^.^)

24 November, 2011

Nishicon 2011

Argh I've some things to blog about~ A lot of things have happened lately, but I've got so little free time.. *sob*. I don't wanna stuff it all up in one blog post XD Let's see.. I at least need to write about Nishicon, which will be this post, and the kanonxkanon concert I recently went to.. As for the rest, I'll see if I've got time for that~

SO. Nishicon! It's a whole new anime convention which was held in Haarlem. I went there with one of my best friends Drea, her boyfriend, and some of their friends. Drea and I wore a kigurumi instead of a real cosplay outfit, because it's simply very comfortable and relatively cheap *poor azn*. I think I'll wear it to the next con also. Tsunacon in February perhaps? ;3

Drea in a bunny kigurumi, me in a fox kigurumi~
The convention itself wasn't really big. It was held in a sports hall. There was a pretty large dealer room on the ground floor (which is a good thing ^^) and on the first floor there was a small game room and also DDR.

As usual we didn't do much but checking out the goodies at the dealer room a thousand times. But as I didn't have a lot of money on me I couldn't buy much. I bought Vampire Knight manga vol. 8 and a biiig Nemuneko plushie! ^-^ some people wanted to take pictures of us, and we also played some DDR! ^^

I also visited the Mataki stand to sell my old stuff. Didn't sell much because we had to go home early, though, but that's okay!

Nemuneko plush I bought~
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