26 October, 2011

jenwoonani's giveaway

I came across a lot of giveaways lately but I never felt like taking time to blog about them, and then I completely forget about them XD I couldn't resist this one, though!

Jen is having a giveaway because she's reached 100 followers! Check out all the cute stuff! If you enter you have a chance of winning all that~ It's an international giveaway so anyone can enter! :3

Winter buys~

Ack, the weather's been so weird this year. The hottest days we had this year only lasted for a few days. That was.. in April?! Summer was being all sucky, lots of rain and we've barely had nice weather. Then, around September/October we finally got some decent, warm summer days? Crazy weather. It's like summer and autumn switched haha.

Now the time has come when I prefer not to go outside at all. It's starting to get really cold already *sob*. I hate cold. I can't stand cold. I'm cold too fast, gah! *rant* Sooo I thought I'd prepare well for even colder winter times! =]

I love my new winter coat and scarf! ^^ so nice and warm! My mum bought the coat for me, thank you! <3 Also got myself new warm boots. I'm actually not so fond of boots. I mean, I like boots, but I'm very picky when it comes to buying them and it took a long, long time until I found a pair which I actually like and also got them for a decent price~ I prefer to wear nice and comfy DC Shoes or Vans all year, but in cold weather, boots are nice.

23 October, 2011

Let's D-D-R!

Remember my post about me wanting to buy a metal DDR pad? After some complications, I've finally received this awesome beautiful pad. About two weeks ago actually, but couldn't find the time to post about it, so here it is!

When I saved up enough money to buy it, I went to the webshop to order it, but it was sold out! Me being all like "FFUUU- why now?! *sob*", tried to be patient till it got re-stocked. So a few days after I checked the webshop again, and it was in stock again! I immediately ordered it and all was good. Some complications happened between the moment I've ordered it and the shipment to my address, but I finally got it now! Already tested it and played a bit. It does make some noise of course compared to soft DDR pads, but it nearly feels like playing on a real arcade pad. Really nice! I also got a free game along with it because some things went wrong during the transaction: Dancing Stage Supernova 2 for the PS2 :3

FutureMax FitPro Arcade Metal Dance Pad
So yeah, I'm really, really happy with my purchase!

18 October, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Misty Pink

Oh my gosh. This thing is such so beautiful.

Nintendo 3DS: Misty Pink
During the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011, Nintendo showed a new 3DS color "Misty Pink" which will be released in Japan this October. I really hope it will be released in Europe also.

Since the price change of the 3DS, I've been thinking about getting my own some time. Eventually I'll have to, because I figured that possible upcoming Pokémon games will be developed and released for the 3DS. I vowed to many people that if a pink 3DS will appear one day, I'd definitely buy it XD. And I think I will if it will be released here :3 If.. my wallet allows me to that is haha.
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