22 September, 2011

Recent happenings

Whoa, it has been so long since the last time I've written a blog post @_@ I've done a lot of things in the mean time but I'll just write about the most important things in this post ^^

First of all, school started again. I'm in my second year of university right now. And I've been pretty busy so far (would've posted some more otherwise). I can't wait till my next school period starts, because I can finally choose a course I want to specialize in and best of all: choose my own subjects! ^^

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Abunai! 2011
Me and my friends went to one of the biggest anime conventions here in Holland in August, Abunaicon. Some of you might've seen my concept sketch of how I wanted to cosplay in one of my older posts. Gijinka Pikachu! I've been reaally excited to dress like that :3

I simply bought most of the stuff, but made the Pikachu tail myself (with great help from my dad!). Gaaawd it was such a pain to do! I don't think I'll try making my cosplay outfit myself again lol XD The result was really great though! Many people at the con complimented me, wanted to take pictures with/of me or suddenly wanted a random hug XD ("KYA, Pikachu~! Can I have a hug please?"). And as I'm a shy person who doesn't really like to stand out, that was very strange to me XD But I'm glad others liked my outfit :3 We didn't do much at the con but visiting the dealerroom and game room, though xD

Stuff I bought:
  • Vampire Knight poster
  • Vampire Knight cup
  • Final Fantasy XIII wall scroll
  • Piplup & Raikou phone strap
  • Small Nemu Neko coin bag

I had a really great time! :3 Next anime convention I'll be going to is Nishicon, where I'll be wearing a fox kigurumi~

kanon x kanon concert!
Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon (bassist from An Cafe) are coming to The Netherlands to give a concert in November! And I'm going! I'm really excited! I've always wanted to see pretty Wakeshima-chan perform, and I've also had a time where I was very fond of An Cafe, so seeing Kanon-san will be awesome! This will be my 3rd J-concert after seeing Miyavi and MUCC :3
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