04 August, 2011

New hair dryer

I went to Batavia Stad (a fashion outlet) with my parents yesterday. Not that I had the money to buy anything. Even with all the sale going on, everything there was way too expensive. I really can't believe why on earth people would buy a simple pair of jeans for more than €100?! Why not get 3 or 4 pairs of cheaper jeans instead? Anyway. We walked around and I came across discounted hair dryers. I needed (or actually wanted) a new one because I keep stealing my parents' hair dryer and keep it in my room until they take it back XD And since I've also gotten myself a new hair cut I wanted to try out this.. diffuser thingy. My hair is a bit shorter now and cut in layers (it used to be totally straight before). I've read that a diffuser is a good way to get more volume in your hair. Dad bought it for me, yay! It was discounted to only €20~

Rowenta Powerline 2300

When I got home I wanted to try it out immediately of course XD So I washed my hair and blow dryed it. I'm not quite sure yet how this diffuser works but that'll come. I just randomly did something and I did notice my hair getting a bit puffy~ =D Used some mousse and hair spray to hold my hair.

I'm satisfied with my new hair dryer! ^^
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