23 July, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII & Dynasty Warriors 7

Yay, finally, I got them! =D I waited so long to get these games.

As a Final Fantasy fan I feel ashamed to have never played Final Fantasy XIII before @_@ I already wanted to buy it when it came out, but was very, very poor at that time XD I've read that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come out somewhere next year, and that actually got me to finally buy it ^^ I've seen trailers of FFXIII-2 and whoa, I want it so badly! But I'll have to play FFXIII first of course!

I also bought Dynasty Warriors 7. It has been sold out for a long time at the store I work, but we got it again and I bought it =] I've been very addicted to DW6 lately and I've already finished the game XD Time for a new DW game! ^^

22 July, 2011

Pokémon Trainer DIAN

I haven't drawn anything decent for a long time. I thought it was time to practice again, but didn't have much inspiration of what or who to draw, so I just drew myself as a Pokémon trainer :3 I kinda rushed the coloring with colored pencils, so it doesn't look very clean XD I'm still pretty satisfied nontheless. It's not my best work, but it looks OK =)

Yep, I love Rattata's! <3

~ See more of my drawings at deviantART ~

20 July, 2011

Hello Kittyyy!

Yay, I've got new HK stuff! :3 My brother came back from Denmark yesterday and he brought me some nice, ehm, souvenirs ^^ He got me a HK shirt and HK lipbalm, so cute! Thanks bro! ^o^


I've also received my Hello Kitty camera bag yesterday. Ordered it at eBay last week, I got it really fast! And it fits my camera perfectly~~

Cute stuff! That, I like~ :3

19 July, 2011

New nailpolish

I got myself some new nailpolish again~~ I was looking for a yellow one for my Pikachu cosplay I'm wearing at Abunaicon in August and the shop where I found a nice yellow color had a discount on nailpolish. It was second half price I think, not sure xD So I decided to buy another one :3 I've been looking for a summery color, so I thought a soft orange color would be nice ^^ I've also been looking for grey nail polish for a while and I found it :3 I've spent only €4 total on these :D *cheap azn*

18 July, 2011

GACKT - Episode.0 [+ single download]

GACKT has released his 39th single last week. These are the kind of songs I like from GACKT-sama :3

Talking about GACKT, he's coming to perform in the Netherlands on the 26th July 2011. In AMSTERDAM. Seriously, that is so close from where I live. But unfortunately he's coming here at the right moment I'm gone XD Oh well. I'm sure he'll come back :3 He's got a lot of fans here~

GACKT - Episode.0 [13.07.2011]
01. Episode.0
02. Paranoid Doll
03. Episode.0 (instrumental)
04. Paranoid Doll (instrumental)
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition (+ DVD and flyer with QR code (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan

Episode.0 [PV]:


13 July, 2011

Panic attack!

Ahem. So. I just did something incredibly stupid. Here's the story~

I've received several invitations to join Google+. Didn't feel much for it in the beginning, but eventually wanted to try it out, so I joined. I actually didn't feel like filling everything in and figuring everything out. I decided to look around some time later and I wanted to remove my account on Google+ for now, because I hate it when my profile looks incomplete XD

What I wasn't aware of (it's very obvious, but I wasn't really paying attention) is that Google+ is linked to your Google account *DOH*. I simply removed it like it was nothing, and the next moment I couldn't login into my Gmail anymore. Even my blog suddenly DISAPPEARED! I panicked like crazy and I was reaaally pissed off, because my Gmail inbox contains very important mail (school, Paypal, things like that) which I really don't want to lose.

Both Gmail and Blogger said that my account has been removed. But I could fill in a form to request my Google account back. Two tries failed. I tried filling the form in once more and then I finally received a mail that I could activate my Google account again. PHEW. What-a-relief.

Of course it was my very own mistake for not reading carefully when I wanted to remove my Google+ account. I understand where I went wrong. I thought it was just like any other account where you can just remove it when you please, while it doesn't affect other things. I'm so stupid lol XD I'm glad it turned out well~

11 July, 2011

Don't dehydrate, drink a lot!

Summer's here, the weather's really hot and I have this bad habit of only drinking very little on a day. Even on days like this >.< I guess I'm just not thirsty very often.

The last few weeks I've noticed my skin getting dryer. I've also got a form of hay fever and I've read on the internet that it can also cause dry spots on your skin, especially your face. Argh not want! So I've decided to drink at least 1,5 litre each day from now on. I know it's said you have to drink 2 litres, but let's just start at 1,5 XD At least that's a lot more than the usual amount I drink on a day.

Problem is that I don't like to drink water. I don't know, it's so plain and boring D: I need a nice taste in my drinks, otherwise I'll have to force myself to drink it haha. As a substitute for water I'm drinking Crystal Clear a lot lately. It's basically water with a gentle taste in it. That, I like!
My classmate Kelly recently wrote a short review about AriZona Iced Tea. It sounded yummy and I love iced tea, so I gave it a try. It's super delicious! I've tasted all flavors they sell at our local supermarket (Peach, Lemon, Pommegranate Green Tea and Green Tea with Honey). I like them all, especially the last one.
So what I basically do now, is either buy a can/bottle of Crystal Clear/AriZona Iced Tea OR fill a plastic bottle (0,5 litres) with some drink we have in our refrigerator (something based on water and without bubbles, like ice tea or Dubbel Fris) until I've reached my goal. I also like to drink hot tea, so that also helps~

I hate having to go to the toilet so much though, haha! But at least I'm drinking much more now :3

06 July, 2011

Latest buys

While being all lazy yesterday, my brother suddenly requested me to go to the shopping mall to get something for him. I actually didn't feel like going outside at all yesterday XD But oh well! Being the sweet sister I am (lol jk XD), I thought I could just as well go because the weather was really great AND I could finally try out my new bike!

First I bought the thing my bro needed and walked around the shopping mall a bit after that. I wanted to buy something for myself too D: Not because I have lots of money, but because I felt like it. Know that feeling when you just have to get SOMETHING? xD Well, I have it all the time, which explains why I'm always so poor haha~~

I went to the Bart Smit (a toy shop) because they have lots of Hello Kitty stuff :3 I bought a small make-up bag. I've been looking for a new one lately, so this was perfect ^^ I also bought a card game called Uno. Remember me talking about it in my previous post? It's so much fun!

Because the weather's been very nice lately, I also needed some clothes to wear in summer. I always wear jeans (even when the weather's so hot you'll melt) and I don't really own decent shorts. Everywhere I looked I only saw skirts OR hotpants >o< I don't like wearing any of those lol (without anything under them that is). But eventually I did find some nice shorts at C&A. They're a bit longer than hotpants, so this was ok for me =] I don't make sense, do I? Doesn't matter. I'm happy with my new shorts ^^

I also went to the HEMA because I needed new black nail polish. Got it, applied it! ^^ I also saw black nail polish with glitter in it. It looked cool to me, so I also bought that one.

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