24 June, 2011

School's over! + some buys~

Yes! School's finally over! I've got my propaedeutic diploma... without any trouble actually! My grades are good and I haven't failed any subjects at all(!) this school year. Above all that, I've even won an award! ^^ My first year in college went really great, even though I was stressed out soo much at some points. Some things were really hard and sometimes I thought I wouldn't make it. But everything went just fine after all! (I just lack confidence, really). My parents are very proud of me also! I'm so happy now~ It's finally time to relax. Hello freedom!

Because I've worked so hard this year and I've just gotten my salary, I've decided to buy something to spoil myself. I mean, I'm allowed to get myself a nice present right? :3 Especially now, haha~ So I went to the shopping centre with mum today to buy a DS game.

I've had some games on my mind for a while: Ōkamiden Dragon Quest XI: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and I found it hard to pick one, so I searched for reviews about these games yesterday evening and eventually decided to buy Ōkamiden. It's a game I've been wanting for a while but never got the chance to buy it (due to lack of money and lack of free time). Those other two will come some time later :3

I still have to play it.. which I'll do right after I finished typing this blog post xD Can't wait! ^^ I've never played an Ōkami game before. I'm really curious~

Mum also bought a new t-shirt for me :3 I wanted to pay for it myself first, but mum was all like: "Noo you don't have to! I'll pay for it because you did so well in school~" T^T so sweet~ Thank you mum! <3 I also bought new socks and Hello Kitty bubblegum (ok, I only got it for the cute HK strap that came with it haha XD).

23 June, 2011

VanillaLooks' giveaway

My classmate Kelly has announced a giveaway on her blog VanillaLooks. I decided to participate ^^ I thought I'd just give it a try. She'll be giving away a small brush set. I don't own any of those brushes, but I think they might come in handy~

Check out her blog at VanillaLooks.net. She does write her blog in Dutch though :3

GPKISM - Reliquia [+ album download]

Gothic/industrial duo GPKISM have released their 2nd full-length album last week. I've always enjoyed their music. It's so full and epic. I'm usually not so into the gothic style, but I do have this thing for dark/vampire-themed music. GPKISM is awesome. Some songs are sung in English, some in Japanese. I have still yet to listen the entire album, but what I've heard for now is kickass. Decidere keeps repeating haha! You should definitely try them out!

GPKISM - Reliquia [15.06.2011]
01. Reliquia ~Prelude~
02. Reliquia
03. Immolare
04. Succubus
05. Decidere
06. Barathrum
07. Perire
08. Iudicium
09. Desiderium
10. Strages
11. Angelus
12. Uterus
13. Incarnari
14. Corpus
15. Memoria
16. Ekstasis
17. Ekstasis ~Final~
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Limited edition at CDJapan



Golden Dot Awards 2011 - WIN!!

My study (Communication & Multimedia Design) organizes an award show each year, the Golden Dot Awards. All students are able to send in the best work they've made this school year.

I didn't feel much for this award show in the beginning, but a classmate with whom I once worked with in a team asked us (me and the rest of our team) if it's alright to send in our team project. We all agreed and somehow we even won an award! Whoa, that's so awesome!

For anyone wondering, our team project is called "Ninjario" and it's a game children (9-10 years old) learn maths with. I had the task to design the whole thing. Meaning that I've visualized all levels and drawn the character. (the background is a random image from Google though!)

A screenshot of one of the levels

As for the prizes. There's a lot each of us can choose from!
  • Wacom tablet
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Food-parcel (lol seriously?)
  • 2 DVD's + a book about design, internet and creativity
  • VVV gift voucher (€50,-)
  • Bol.com gift voucher (€50,-)
  • Mediamarkt gift voucher (€50,-)

Really awesome stuff! I'm not sure what to pick yet. I already have a Wacom tablet (it's old, but still works perfectly), my Apple mouse isn't as hight tech as the Apple Magic Mouse but it's alright. Don't really need a new one right? I'm actually just interested in each of the gift vouchers. I guess I'll have to think about what I need/want and then decide on the store :3

22 June, 2011

D'espairsRay's Final Call.

Even after I've heard the bad news one week ago, I still feel very sad about the fact that my beloved and favorite J-rock/Visual Kei band D'espairsRay have disbanded as of June 15th. Their succesful career of almost 12 years really had to come to an end.

The band had to go on hiatus because singer HIZUMI had to treat his vocal chords. The recovery was taking a lot more time than they had expected however. After further discussions the band members eventually agreed to stop all activities under the name D'espairsRay. The men are sad and broken also. It's so terrible. HIZUMI, please get better soon! <3


D'espairsRay is a band that has helped me a lot during hard and difficult times. I know, it sounds so cliché. But it's definitely true. But then again, doesn't every fandom do that? Having a fandom makes one's world complete when they feel empty. It's that one thing you can turn to when you feel like crap. Those times of fangirling were actually great :3 I'm not so obsessed with them anymore, but they're definitely still my number 1.

I used to be so crazy about D'espairsRay, that I've once drawn a portrait of drummer TSUKASA (my favorite member) and sent it aaaall the way to Japan for his birthday. I've even written a birthday letter to send along with it. Also asked if they'd ever come back to perform in The Netherlands again. It has really been a dream of mine, to see them live just once. They have performed here in the past, but I didn't know them at that time yet *sob*

My drawing to TSUKASA (2009)
Each of the members have written a few words about their disbanding. I found it here. These are some quotes that felt very touching to me:

HIZUMI (vocal): "Please forgive us for betraying the expectations of our fans looking forward to our comeback."

Karyu (guitar): "The dream of D’espairsRay we drew has to be given up halfway through." ... "I’m proud of the bond between you and D’espairsRay which will never change."

ZERO (bass): "To all the best “MANIA” who have always believed and loved us, Thank you so much." 

TSUKASA (drums): "The feeling is beyond words to bring an end for both ourselves and every “MANIA”. Because it’s our treasure for a lifetime." ... "D’espairsRay will stay the best band in the world which will be long remembered by everybody even if it disbands."

Here are some lovely and awesome PV's.

(This song is SO kickass btw)

I wish all the best to all four members. HIZUMI, Karyu, ZERO and TSUKASA.. Please take care and keep pursuing your happiness and dreams! <3 HIZUMI, be careful and good luck! Your fans won't ever forget you guys. And I'll keep my 3 large D'espa posters on my wall FOREVAH! <3 
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