04 May, 2011

Groningen~ ^o^

So, I went to one of my best friends Desi yesterday and went home today. It's been way too long since I've been there >o< Unfortunately Groningen isn't very near where I live. Had to travel about 3,5 hours by train to get there (plus 3,5 hours to get home), but it was all worth it! :3 I had such an awesome time with her again! We watched Twilight and New Moon (I had never seen these movies before. ever.) and I really liked them! =D Oh boy, my vampire obsession might return to me slowly xp I used to be all obsessed about vampires since I watched the anime Vampire Knight hoho~ I think I'm going to download and watch the 3rd sequel Eclipse myself ^^ We also watched some vids from nigahiga on YouTube. That guy is so hilarious hahaha! And we made some retarted pictures with our DSi(XL)! I'm not going to post them here lolol XD

This is still one of my (our?) old faves from nigahiga XD

It was great to have seen her again! I really missed her ;_; I hope we'll see each other again soon! ^o^
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