28 April, 2011

The Lion King on Blu-ray!

I've waited sooo long for this! From the moment that all kinds of Disney's classics have been released on Blu-ray, I wondered when the Blu-ray version of The Lion King will come. Of course ALL Disney movies are classics, but nothing can beat The Lion King for me. It's one of the few I actually love. Shame on me, I know >o< *shot*

Gosh, I've watched it sooo many times when I was a child *nostalgic~* That video tape is totally over used <3 I remember I used to put a random belt from my dad in the back of my jeans so it would function as my 'lion tail'. Rofl I wanted to be a Lion I guess XD Well, THAT's how much I loved the movie hahaha!

As far as I know it'll be released somewhere this fall, which is still a long time from now though, but I'm really, really happy to have read the news *_*

I'm definitely going to get it when it's out *doh*. I bet my mum wants to also! :3

I already got goose bumps by watching this trailer. Oh how I love nostalgia~

Check out the official website here

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  1. awesome!! :D now when my dad and i are at best buy looking for a new blueray movie, ill know what to look for! :D

    i actually never seen the lion king! well, i have on youtube one time cuz i wanted to see it so bad but i never actually seen it on a tv otr anything, so itll be awesome once i get this! :D

    thanks so much 4 posting this!! :D

    God bless u :)



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