28 April, 2011

The Lion King on Blu-ray!

I've waited sooo long for this! From the moment that all kinds of Disney's classics have been released on Blu-ray, I wondered when the Blu-ray version of The Lion King will come. Of course ALL Disney movies are classics, but nothing can beat The Lion King for me. It's one of the few I actually love. Shame on me, I know >o< *shot*

Gosh, I've watched it sooo many times when I was a child *nostalgic~* That video tape is totally over used <3 I remember I used to put a random belt from my dad in the back of my jeans so it would function as my 'lion tail'. Rofl I wanted to be a Lion I guess XD Well, THAT's how much I loved the movie hahaha!

As far as I know it'll be released somewhere this fall, which is still a long time from now though, but I'm really, really happy to have read the news *_*

I'm definitely going to get it when it's out *doh*. I bet my mum wants to also! :3

I already got goose bumps by watching this trailer. Oh how I love nostalgia~

Check out the official website here

26 April, 2011

T.M.Revolution - Cloud Nine [+ album download]

After the release of Takanori Nishikawa (西川貴教) last album about 5 years ago, he has finally released his 9th album "Cloud Nine" on 20 April 2011. Before I listened to this album I only knew ONE. SINGLE. SONG from T.M.Revolution *shame* (used to listen a lot to Abingdon Boys School though!). I've been addicted to invoke for a little while, which I once heard as a DDR song played at Anime conventions here in Holland. I don't really understand myself for not having known more songs bij him >o< This album is definitely awesome!

Personal favorites from this album are: Pearl in the shell, Wasteland Lost, crosswise and Save The One, Save The All. Might listen to some of his older songs too :3

T.M.Revolution - Cloud Nine [20.04.2011]
02. Pearl in the shell
03. Naked arms
04. resonance
05. Imaginary Ark
06. 水に映る月 (Mizu ni utsuru Tsuki)
07. Wasteland Lost
08. Thousand Mornings Refrain
10. crosswise
11. 09 Lives
12. Fate & Faith
13. Reload
14. Fortune Maker
15. soul's crossing
16. Lakers
17. Save The One, Save The All
18. vestige
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ bonus tracks) at CDJapan

Cloud Nine [album CM]:


20 April, 2011

LM.C - Super Duper Galaxy [+ single download]

The 11th single from LM.C. It will be released on 18 May 2011 but a download's already up! Be sure to support LM.C by purchasing their releases~! Some links to CDJapan can be found below :3

I kinda lost interest in LM.C, but hearing Super Duper Galaxy made me hooked again :) Have to look up their other recent singles somewhere soon~

LM.C - Super Duper Galaxy [18.05.2011]
01. Super Duper Galaxy
02. Bad Spider
The download link is offline - again. You can try downloading the torrent below (note: it's not my upload)
Download torrent here

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD and application card (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ original ring and application card (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan

Super Duper Galaxy [CM]:

11 April, 2011

It's a Pikachu.. shirt!

If you're following me you must know I'm all into Pokémon *again* since I've been playing Pokémon Black~ I was dying to buy a (cute) Pokémon shirt so I looked around on eBay. Raaah eBay is so dangerous! It's full of mines and traps >o< My poor wallet D: It was pretty cheap though so I decided to buy it anyway haha :D It's not an original shirt though, but oh well! I've received it about a week ago but I forgot to blog about it~~ xp

My hair looks really short D: Just brought it to my back to show the print :3
It's so adorable! And it fits me perfectly~ I'm really happy with it! Pikachu is so cute >w<
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