28 February, 2011

SID - dead stock [+ album download]

シド (SID) have released their 7th full-length album this week~ A download can be found below! Personal favorites from this album are NO LDK, Ranbu no Melody and Rain :3

Ranbu no Melody is also the 13th opening theme from the anime Bleach.

シド - dead stock [23.02.2011]
01. NO LDK
02. シェルター (Shelter)
03. cosmetic
04. いいひと (Ii Hito)
05. 乱舞のメロディ- ALBUM MIX (Ranbu no Melody)
06. レイン (Rain)
07. dog run
08. one way
09. 2月 (Nigatsu)
10. ワイフ (Wife)
11. sleep
12. Sympathy
(this is NOT my upload)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ DVD) at CDJapan


27 February, 2011

Hello Kitty socks and buttons

I went to this super cheap store, Big Bazar, with my parents a few days ago and it seems like they're getting more and more Hello Kitty stuff~ Yay! *happy*. I found these fluffy HK house socks which I really needed, because it's still super cold in Holland >.< *sob*. I also saw a few button packs. I couldn't really make up my mind which one to choose, but I eventually chose the red ones ^^ Already attached them to some of my bags~ X3

26 February, 2011

Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie Megamasso - Monochrome (+ single download)

After the disbanding of Ayabie (彩冷える), vocalist Aoi continues as a solo artist. Next to his solo career, he's also revealed a new project in December called Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie Megamasso, where he'll be working with former Ayabie-guitarist Ryohei once again! Ryohei left Ayabie in 2006 and has been the guitarist from Megamasso (メガマソ) ever since.

Their first single Monochrome has recently been released. A download can be found below.

Aoi & Ryohei incl. Ayabie Megamasso - Monochrome [16.02.2011]
( 葵 & 涼平 incl. アヤビエメガマソ 「モノクローム」)
01. モノクローム (Monochrome)
02. 真実の詩 (Shinjitsu no Uta)
03. 景 (Kei)
04. Monochrome (Instrumental)
05. Shinjitsu no Uta (Instrumental)
06. 南極 (Nankyoku) (Instrumental)
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Regular edition [TOKUMA JAPAN Ban] at CDJapan
- Limited edition [TOKUMA JAPAN Ban] (+ bonus DVD) at CDJapan
- Regular edition [avex Ban] (+ random trading card) at CDJapan 
- Limited edition [avex Ban] (+ bonus DVD and random trading card) at CDJapan

MONOCHROME [PV - short version]:


18 February, 2011

Pokémon Black & White starters

I'm going to buy Pokémon Black (DS) when it comes out. The European release is on March 4th 2011 and I've already pre-ordered the game at work =] Like in the previous games, there will be 3 starter Pokémon to choose from: Snivy (grass), Tepig (fire) and Oshawott (water), and this time, I might want to switch my starter with an other Pokémon I'll catch later (I said that I never abandon the starter Pokémon I choose in my previous post).

Reason: Unfortunately for me, I don't really like any of the starters. Tepig looks cute though, but seems to become the ugliest one when it evolves D: *sob* (yes, I want my Pokémon to be pretty and/or awesome looking XD). Besides, I HAVE to start with the fire-type because...

1. I always do
2. Fire-type is one of my favorite types (love electric too)
3. I fail at Pokémon if I start with an other type ><

Maybe I'll just try water ..or switch Tepig with another fire Pokémon later XD *issues lol*

Anywho, I'm still really looking forward to play the new Pokémon game! I've seen some screenshots of it and it looks really nice! =D

17 February, 2011

Lv. 100 Typhlosion!

I've spent a lot of time playing Pokémon SoulSilver~ Really loved the game <3 I never abandon my starter Pokémon and I managed to get my Typhlosion, Miyu, grow to lv. 100! Yay! (without using cheats, obviously).  The other 5 in my team are still at lv. 77 XD

When playing Pokémon games as a child, it has always been my goal to level at least one Pokémon to lv. 100 (and of course to finish the game), but I always gave up in the end haha! But now I haz finally succeeded! =D *proud*

Hello Kitty NDSi case

I wanted to (finally) decorate my DS a bit, but I don't like stickers/sticker cases so much. Then I came across this adorable Hello Kitty hard case, which I've ordered from eBay the other day (the price was very attractive *-* only ~€ 6!).

I've received it just a few days ago! It's so cute, I'm really happy with it ^^ The case suits the color of my DSi very well! It's also still very comfortable to hold the DS since it's a pretty thin case~ (I think it would play like crap it were too thick) and it protects my precious little one too, yay! ^^

 eBay is my friend =]

09 February, 2011

"I can't stop buying Hello Kitty D:"

The title is a quote from Drea's latest blogpost XD

She told me about a shop (Kruidvat) selling cheap Hello Kitty plushies (€2,99 instead of €6,99), so of course I wanted to have them! x3 At first I asked her to buy one for me because I don't have much time to go to the stores, but in the end I've been able to buy 2 plushies myself! ^^

lol at Doraemon btw XD

I've checked them thoroughly before I went to pay because she warned me about some plushies being misshapen. But luckily for me, these looked good enough! :3
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