19 December, 2011

Winter/Christmas buys II

As I'm a girl who loves to wear sneakers and NEVER walks on (high) heels, I don't have any decent shoes to wear on Christmas day. I actually bought a pair of heels.. once.. 2 years ago.. but mum threw those away because they seemed to be damaged XD Just like everybody else, I do like to dress up nicely on Christmas, especially because I always spend it together with my family. I thought it was about time to get some neat heels again.

I've had it on my mind for a while already what kind of pair of heels I wanted, but I browsed a bit on the internet first to see which (cheap XD) stores had such a pair. I immediately found it at a shop called Van Haren. They sell pretty decent shoes for nice prices ^^ I went there together with my parents today and found exactly the ones I had in mind! They even had it in my shoe size! Well, finding something you're looking for doesn't happen very often now does it? ^^ Something that I also reaaally liked was the price. They were discounted from €49,90 to €39,90. And it ALSO had a label on it saying "50% off", so I only paid about €20 for those!! HAPPY! =D

I also needed new slippers (you know, to keep my feet warm in cold times~). My current Hello Kitty ones are already old and look ugly haha XD I found a new pair of Hello Kitty slippers at the same store, which also had a 50% discount. The slippers were only €5! Mission complete~

After that we went to the HEMA and I bought some new nail polish there. A dark brown one and a dark green one. Also bought tiny diamond stones to use for nail decoration. I want to use put those on my nails with Christmas ^^

30 November, 2011

kanonxkanon concert!

Ohhh this concert was SO amazing! <3 I went to see kanonxkanon together with my cousin, Elisa, who loves J-music (especially J-rock) just like I do :3 Drea would also come with us but she suddenly became ill and couldn't go unfortunately..

kanonxkanon, the duo project Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon (bassist from An Cafe) formed is fairly new (mid. 2010) and this was their very first European tour. We've been so lucky they came here, to this tiny country Holland! That doesn't happen very often. J-artists are more likely to perform in Germany, France, Spain etc.

Let's get to the point~ (there are some pics further in this post ^.^)

24 November, 2011

Nishicon 2011

Argh I've some things to blog about~ A lot of things have happened lately, but I've got so little free time.. *sob*. I don't wanna stuff it all up in one blog post XD Let's see.. I at least need to write about Nishicon, which will be this post, and the kanonxkanon concert I recently went to.. As for the rest, I'll see if I've got time for that~

SO. Nishicon! It's a whole new anime convention which was held in Haarlem. I went there with one of my best friends Drea, her boyfriend, and some of their friends. Drea and I wore a kigurumi instead of a real cosplay outfit, because it's simply very comfortable and relatively cheap *poor azn*. I think I'll wear it to the next con also. Tsunacon in February perhaps? ;3

Drea in a bunny kigurumi, me in a fox kigurumi~
The convention itself wasn't really big. It was held in a sports hall. There was a pretty large dealer room on the ground floor (which is a good thing ^^) and on the first floor there was a small game room and also DDR.

As usual we didn't do much but checking out the goodies at the dealer room a thousand times. But as I didn't have a lot of money on me I couldn't buy much. I bought Vampire Knight manga vol. 8 and a biiig Nemuneko plushie! ^-^ some people wanted to take pictures of us, and we also played some DDR! ^^

I also visited the Mataki stand to sell my old stuff. Didn't sell much because we had to go home early, though, but that's okay!

Nemuneko plush I bought~

26 October, 2011

jenwoonani's giveaway

I came across a lot of giveaways lately but I never felt like taking time to blog about them, and then I completely forget about them XD I couldn't resist this one, though!

Jen is having a giveaway because she's reached 100 followers! Check out all the cute stuff! If you enter you have a chance of winning all that~ It's an international giveaway so anyone can enter! :3

Winter buys~

Ack, the weather's been so weird this year. The hottest days we had this year only lasted for a few days. That was.. in April?! Summer was being all sucky, lots of rain and we've barely had nice weather. Then, around September/October we finally got some decent, warm summer days? Crazy weather. It's like summer and autumn switched haha.

Now the time has come when I prefer not to go outside at all. It's starting to get really cold already *sob*. I hate cold. I can't stand cold. I'm cold too fast, gah! *rant* Sooo I thought I'd prepare well for even colder winter times! =]

I love my new winter coat and scarf! ^^ so nice and warm! My mum bought the coat for me, thank you! <3 Also got myself new warm boots. I'm actually not so fond of boots. I mean, I like boots, but I'm very picky when it comes to buying them and it took a long, long time until I found a pair which I actually like and also got them for a decent price~ I prefer to wear nice and comfy DC Shoes or Vans all year, but in cold weather, boots are nice.

23 October, 2011

Let's D-D-R!

Remember my post about me wanting to buy a metal DDR pad? After some complications, I've finally received this awesome beautiful pad. About two weeks ago actually, but couldn't find the time to post about it, so here it is!

When I saved up enough money to buy it, I went to the webshop to order it, but it was sold out! Me being all like "FFUUU- why now?! *sob*", tried to be patient till it got re-stocked. So a few days after I checked the webshop again, and it was in stock again! I immediately ordered it and all was good. Some complications happened between the moment I've ordered it and the shipment to my address, but I finally got it now! Already tested it and played a bit. It does make some noise of course compared to soft DDR pads, but it nearly feels like playing on a real arcade pad. Really nice! I also got a free game along with it because some things went wrong during the transaction: Dancing Stage Supernova 2 for the PS2 :3

FutureMax FitPro Arcade Metal Dance Pad
So yeah, I'm really, really happy with my purchase!

18 October, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Misty Pink

Oh my gosh. This thing is such so beautiful.

Nintendo 3DS: Misty Pink
During the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011, Nintendo showed a new 3DS color "Misty Pink" which will be released in Japan this October. I really hope it will be released in Europe also.

Since the price change of the 3DS, I've been thinking about getting my own some time. Eventually I'll have to, because I figured that possible upcoming Pokémon games will be developed and released for the 3DS. I vowed to many people that if a pink 3DS will appear one day, I'd definitely buy it XD. And I think I will if it will be released here :3 If.. my wallet allows me to that is haha.

22 September, 2011

Recent happenings

Whoa, it has been so long since the last time I've written a blog post @_@ I've done a lot of things in the mean time but I'll just write about the most important things in this post ^^

First of all, school started again. I'm in my second year of university right now. And I've been pretty busy so far (would've posted some more otherwise). I can't wait till my next school period starts, because I can finally choose a course I want to specialize in and best of all: choose my own subjects! ^^

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Abunai! 2011
Me and my friends went to one of the biggest anime conventions here in Holland in August, Abunaicon. Some of you might've seen my concept sketch of how I wanted to cosplay in one of my older posts. Gijinka Pikachu! I've been reaally excited to dress like that :3

I simply bought most of the stuff, but made the Pikachu tail myself (with great help from my dad!). Gaaawd it was such a pain to do! I don't think I'll try making my cosplay outfit myself again lol XD The result was really great though! Many people at the con complimented me, wanted to take pictures with/of me or suddenly wanted a random hug XD ("KYA, Pikachu~! Can I have a hug please?"). And as I'm a shy person who doesn't really like to stand out, that was very strange to me XD But I'm glad others liked my outfit :3 We didn't do much at the con but visiting the dealerroom and game room, though xD

Stuff I bought:
  • Vampire Knight poster
  • Vampire Knight cup
  • Final Fantasy XIII wall scroll
  • Piplup & Raikou phone strap
  • Small Nemu Neko coin bag

I had a really great time! :3 Next anime convention I'll be going to is Nishicon, where I'll be wearing a fox kigurumi~

kanon x kanon concert!
Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon (bassist from An Cafe) are coming to The Netherlands to give a concert in November! And I'm going! I'm really excited! I've always wanted to see pretty Wakeshima-chan perform, and I've also had a time where I was very fond of An Cafe, so seeing Kanon-san will be awesome! This will be my 3rd J-concert after seeing Miyavi and MUCC :3

04 August, 2011

New hair dryer

I went to Batavia Stad (a fashion outlet) with my parents yesterday. Not that I had the money to buy anything. Even with all the sale going on, everything there was way too expensive. I really can't believe why on earth people would buy a simple pair of jeans for more than €100?! Why not get 3 or 4 pairs of cheaper jeans instead? Anyway. We walked around and I came across discounted hair dryers. I needed (or actually wanted) a new one because I keep stealing my parents' hair dryer and keep it in my room until they take it back XD And since I've also gotten myself a new hair cut I wanted to try out this.. diffuser thingy. My hair is a bit shorter now and cut in layers (it used to be totally straight before). I've read that a diffuser is a good way to get more volume in your hair. Dad bought it for me, yay! It was discounted to only €20~

Rowenta Powerline 2300

When I got home I wanted to try it out immediately of course XD So I washed my hair and blow dryed it. I'm not quite sure yet how this diffuser works but that'll come. I just randomly did something and I did notice my hair getting a bit puffy~ =D Used some mousse and hair spray to hold my hair.

I'm satisfied with my new hair dryer! ^^

23 July, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII & Dynasty Warriors 7

Yay, finally, I got them! =D I waited so long to get these games.

As a Final Fantasy fan I feel ashamed to have never played Final Fantasy XIII before @_@ I already wanted to buy it when it came out, but was very, very poor at that time XD I've read that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come out somewhere next year, and that actually got me to finally buy it ^^ I've seen trailers of FFXIII-2 and whoa, I want it so badly! But I'll have to play FFXIII first of course!

I also bought Dynasty Warriors 7. It has been sold out for a long time at the store I work, but we got it again and I bought it =] I've been very addicted to DW6 lately and I've already finished the game XD Time for a new DW game! ^^

22 July, 2011

Pokémon Trainer DIAN

I haven't drawn anything decent for a long time. I thought it was time to practice again, but didn't have much inspiration of what or who to draw, so I just drew myself as a Pokémon trainer :3 I kinda rushed the coloring with colored pencils, so it doesn't look very clean XD I'm still pretty satisfied nontheless. It's not my best work, but it looks OK =)

Yep, I love Rattata's! <3

~ See more of my drawings at deviantART ~

20 July, 2011

Hello Kittyyy!

Yay, I've got new HK stuff! :3 My brother came back from Denmark yesterday and he brought me some nice, ehm, souvenirs ^^ He got me a HK shirt and HK lipbalm, so cute! Thanks bro! ^o^


I've also received my Hello Kitty camera bag yesterday. Ordered it at eBay last week, I got it really fast! And it fits my camera perfectly~~

Cute stuff! That, I like~ :3

19 July, 2011

New nailpolish

I got myself some new nailpolish again~~ I was looking for a yellow one for my Pikachu cosplay I'm wearing at Abunaicon in August and the shop where I found a nice yellow color had a discount on nailpolish. It was second half price I think, not sure xD So I decided to buy another one :3 I've been looking for a summery color, so I thought a soft orange color would be nice ^^ I've also been looking for grey nail polish for a while and I found it :3 I've spent only €4 total on these :D *cheap azn*

18 July, 2011

GACKT - Episode.0 [+ single download]

GACKT has released his 39th single last week. These are the kind of songs I like from GACKT-sama :3

Talking about GACKT, he's coming to perform in the Netherlands on the 26th July 2011. In AMSTERDAM. Seriously, that is so close from where I live. But unfortunately he's coming here at the right moment I'm gone XD Oh well. I'm sure he'll come back :3 He's got a lot of fans here~

GACKT - Episode.0 [13.07.2011]
01. Episode.0
02. Paranoid Doll
03. Episode.0 (instrumental)
04. Paranoid Doll (instrumental)
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition (+ DVD and flyer with QR code (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan

Episode.0 [PV]:


13 July, 2011

Panic attack!

Ahem. So. I just did something incredibly stupid. Here's the story~

I've received several invitations to join Google+. Didn't feel much for it in the beginning, but eventually wanted to try it out, so I joined. I actually didn't feel like filling everything in and figuring everything out. I decided to look around some time later and I wanted to remove my account on Google+ for now, because I hate it when my profile looks incomplete XD

What I wasn't aware of (it's very obvious, but I wasn't really paying attention) is that Google+ is linked to your Google account *DOH*. I simply removed it like it was nothing, and the next moment I couldn't login into my Gmail anymore. Even my blog suddenly DISAPPEARED! I panicked like crazy and I was reaaally pissed off, because my Gmail inbox contains very important mail (school, Paypal, things like that) which I really don't want to lose.

Both Gmail and Blogger said that my account has been removed. But I could fill in a form to request my Google account back. Two tries failed. I tried filling the form in once more and then I finally received a mail that I could activate my Google account again. PHEW. What-a-relief.

Of course it was my very own mistake for not reading carefully when I wanted to remove my Google+ account. I understand where I went wrong. I thought it was just like any other account where you can just remove it when you please, while it doesn't affect other things. I'm so stupid lol XD I'm glad it turned out well~

11 July, 2011

Don't dehydrate, drink a lot!

Summer's here, the weather's really hot and I have this bad habit of only drinking very little on a day. Even on days like this >.< I guess I'm just not thirsty very often.

The last few weeks I've noticed my skin getting dryer. I've also got a form of hay fever and I've read on the internet that it can also cause dry spots on your skin, especially your face. Argh not want! So I've decided to drink at least 1,5 litre each day from now on. I know it's said you have to drink 2 litres, but let's just start at 1,5 XD At least that's a lot more than the usual amount I drink on a day.

Problem is that I don't like to drink water. I don't know, it's so plain and boring D: I need a nice taste in my drinks, otherwise I'll have to force myself to drink it haha. As a substitute for water I'm drinking Crystal Clear a lot lately. It's basically water with a gentle taste in it. That, I like!
My classmate Kelly recently wrote a short review about AriZona Iced Tea. It sounded yummy and I love iced tea, so I gave it a try. It's super delicious! I've tasted all flavors they sell at our local supermarket (Peach, Lemon, Pommegranate Green Tea and Green Tea with Honey). I like them all, especially the last one.
So what I basically do now, is either buy a can/bottle of Crystal Clear/AriZona Iced Tea OR fill a plastic bottle (0,5 litres) with some drink we have in our refrigerator (something based on water and without bubbles, like ice tea or Dubbel Fris) until I've reached my goal. I also like to drink hot tea, so that also helps~

I hate having to go to the toilet so much though, haha! But at least I'm drinking much more now :3

06 July, 2011

Latest buys

While being all lazy yesterday, my brother suddenly requested me to go to the shopping mall to get something for him. I actually didn't feel like going outside at all yesterday XD But oh well! Being the sweet sister I am (lol jk XD), I thought I could just as well go because the weather was really great AND I could finally try out my new bike!

First I bought the thing my bro needed and walked around the shopping mall a bit after that. I wanted to buy something for myself too D: Not because I have lots of money, but because I felt like it. Know that feeling when you just have to get SOMETHING? xD Well, I have it all the time, which explains why I'm always so poor haha~~

I went to the Bart Smit (a toy shop) because they have lots of Hello Kitty stuff :3 I bought a small make-up bag. I've been looking for a new one lately, so this was perfect ^^ I also bought a card game called Uno. Remember me talking about it in my previous post? It's so much fun!

Because the weather's been very nice lately, I also needed some clothes to wear in summer. I always wear jeans (even when the weather's so hot you'll melt) and I don't really own decent shorts. Everywhere I looked I only saw skirts OR hotpants >o< I don't like wearing any of those lol (without anything under them that is). But eventually I did find some nice shorts at C&A. They're a bit longer than hotpants, so this was ok for me =] I don't make sense, do I? Doesn't matter. I'm happy with my new shorts ^^

I also went to the HEMA because I needed new black nail polish. Got it, applied it! ^^ I also saw black nail polish with glitter in it. It looked cool to me, so I also bought that one.

24 June, 2011

School's over! + some buys~

Yes! School's finally over! I've got my propaedeutic diploma... without any trouble actually! My grades are good and I haven't failed any subjects at all(!) this school year. Above all that, I've even won an award! ^^ My first year in college went really great, even though I was stressed out soo much at some points. Some things were really hard and sometimes I thought I wouldn't make it. But everything went just fine after all! (I just lack confidence, really). My parents are very proud of me also! I'm so happy now~ It's finally time to relax. Hello freedom!

Because I've worked so hard this year and I've just gotten my salary, I've decided to buy something to spoil myself. I mean, I'm allowed to get myself a nice present right? :3 Especially now, haha~ So I went to the shopping centre with mum today to buy a DS game.

I've had some games on my mind for a while: Ōkamiden Dragon Quest XI: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and I found it hard to pick one, so I searched for reviews about these games yesterday evening and eventually decided to buy Ōkamiden. It's a game I've been wanting for a while but never got the chance to buy it (due to lack of money and lack of free time). Those other two will come some time later :3

I still have to play it.. which I'll do right after I finished typing this blog post xD Can't wait! ^^ I've never played an Ōkami game before. I'm really curious~

Mum also bought a new t-shirt for me :3 I wanted to pay for it myself first, but mum was all like: "Noo you don't have to! I'll pay for it because you did so well in school~" T^T so sweet~ Thank you mum! <3 I also bought new socks and Hello Kitty bubblegum (ok, I only got it for the cute HK strap that came with it haha XD).

23 June, 2011

VanillaLooks' giveaway

My classmate Kelly has announced a giveaway on her blog VanillaLooks. I decided to participate ^^ I thought I'd just give it a try. She'll be giving away a small brush set. I don't own any of those brushes, but I think they might come in handy~

Check out her blog at VanillaLooks.net. She does write her blog in Dutch though :3

GPKISM - Reliquia [+ album download]

Gothic/industrial duo GPKISM have released their 2nd full-length album last week. I've always enjoyed their music. It's so full and epic. I'm usually not so into the gothic style, but I do have this thing for dark/vampire-themed music. GPKISM is awesome. Some songs are sung in English, some in Japanese. I have still yet to listen the entire album, but what I've heard for now is kickass. Decidere keeps repeating haha! You should definitely try them out!

GPKISM - Reliquia [15.06.2011]
01. Reliquia ~Prelude~
02. Reliquia
03. Immolare
04. Succubus
05. Decidere
06. Barathrum
07. Perire
08. Iudicium
09. Desiderium
10. Strages
11. Angelus
12. Uterus
13. Incarnari
14. Corpus
15. Memoria
16. Ekstasis
17. Ekstasis ~Final~
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Limited edition at CDJapan



Golden Dot Awards 2011 - WIN!!

My study (Communication & Multimedia Design) organizes an award show each year, the Golden Dot Awards. All students are able to send in the best work they've made this school year.

I didn't feel much for this award show in the beginning, but a classmate with whom I once worked with in a team asked us (me and the rest of our team) if it's alright to send in our team project. We all agreed and somehow we even won an award! Whoa, that's so awesome!

For anyone wondering, our team project is called "Ninjario" and it's a game children (9-10 years old) learn maths with. I had the task to design the whole thing. Meaning that I've visualized all levels and drawn the character. (the background is a random image from Google though!)

A screenshot of one of the levels

As for the prizes. There's a lot each of us can choose from!
  • Wacom tablet
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Food-parcel (lol seriously?)
  • 2 DVD's + a book about design, internet and creativity
  • VVV gift voucher (€50,-)
  • Bol.com gift voucher (€50,-)
  • Mediamarkt gift voucher (€50,-)

Really awesome stuff! I'm not sure what to pick yet. I already have a Wacom tablet (it's old, but still works perfectly), my Apple mouse isn't as hight tech as the Apple Magic Mouse but it's alright. Don't really need a new one right? I'm actually just interested in each of the gift vouchers. I guess I'll have to think about what I need/want and then decide on the store :3

22 June, 2011

D'espairsRay's Final Call.

Even after I've heard the bad news one week ago, I still feel very sad about the fact that my beloved and favorite J-rock/Visual Kei band D'espairsRay have disbanded as of June 15th. Their succesful career of almost 12 years really had to come to an end.

The band had to go on hiatus because singer HIZUMI had to treat his vocal chords. The recovery was taking a lot more time than they had expected however. After further discussions the band members eventually agreed to stop all activities under the name D'espairsRay. The men are sad and broken also. It's so terrible. HIZUMI, please get better soon! <3


D'espairsRay is a band that has helped me a lot during hard and difficult times. I know, it sounds so cliché. But it's definitely true. But then again, doesn't every fandom do that? Having a fandom makes one's world complete when they feel empty. It's that one thing you can turn to when you feel like crap. Those times of fangirling were actually great :3 I'm not so obsessed with them anymore, but they're definitely still my number 1.

I used to be so crazy about D'espairsRay, that I've once drawn a portrait of drummer TSUKASA (my favorite member) and sent it aaaall the way to Japan for his birthday. I've even written a birthday letter to send along with it. Also asked if they'd ever come back to perform in The Netherlands again. It has really been a dream of mine, to see them live just once. They have performed here in the past, but I didn't know them at that time yet *sob*

My drawing to TSUKASA (2009)
Each of the members have written a few words about their disbanding. I found it here. These are some quotes that felt very touching to me:

HIZUMI (vocal): "Please forgive us for betraying the expectations of our fans looking forward to our comeback."

Karyu (guitar): "The dream of D’espairsRay we drew has to be given up halfway through." ... "I’m proud of the bond between you and D’espairsRay which will never change."

ZERO (bass): "To all the best “MANIA” who have always believed and loved us, Thank you so much." 

TSUKASA (drums): "The feeling is beyond words to bring an end for both ourselves and every “MANIA”. Because it’s our treasure for a lifetime." ... "D’espairsRay will stay the best band in the world which will be long remembered by everybody even if it disbands."

Here are some lovely and awesome PV's.

(This song is SO kickass btw)

I wish all the best to all four members. HIZUMI, Karyu, ZERO and TSUKASA.. Please take care and keep pursuing your happiness and dreams! <3 HIZUMI, be careful and good luck! Your fans won't ever forget you guys. And I'll keep my 3 large D'espa posters on my wall FOREVAH! <3 

04 May, 2011

Groningen~ ^o^

So, I went to one of my best friends Desi yesterday and went home today. It's been way too long since I've been there >o< Unfortunately Groningen isn't very near where I live. Had to travel about 3,5 hours by train to get there (plus 3,5 hours to get home), but it was all worth it! :3 I had such an awesome time with her again! We watched Twilight and New Moon (I had never seen these movies before. ever.) and I really liked them! =D Oh boy, my vampire obsession might return to me slowly xp I used to be all obsessed about vampires since I watched the anime Vampire Knight hoho~ I think I'm going to download and watch the 3rd sequel Eclipse myself ^^ We also watched some vids from nigahiga on YouTube. That guy is so hilarious hahaha! And we made some retarted pictures with our DSi(XL)! I'm not going to post them here lolol XD

This is still one of my (our?) old faves from nigahiga XD

It was great to have seen her again! I really missed her ;_; I hope we'll see each other again soon! ^o^

28 April, 2011

The Lion King on Blu-ray!

I've waited sooo long for this! From the moment that all kinds of Disney's classics have been released on Blu-ray, I wondered when the Blu-ray version of The Lion King will come. Of course ALL Disney movies are classics, but nothing can beat The Lion King for me. It's one of the few I actually love. Shame on me, I know >o< *shot*

Gosh, I've watched it sooo many times when I was a child *nostalgic~* That video tape is totally over used <3 I remember I used to put a random belt from my dad in the back of my jeans so it would function as my 'lion tail'. Rofl I wanted to be a Lion I guess XD Well, THAT's how much I loved the movie hahaha!

As far as I know it'll be released somewhere this fall, which is still a long time from now though, but I'm really, really happy to have read the news *_*

I'm definitely going to get it when it's out *doh*. I bet my mum wants to also! :3

I already got goose bumps by watching this trailer. Oh how I love nostalgia~

Check out the official website here

26 April, 2011

T.M.Revolution - Cloud Nine [+ album download]

After the release of Takanori Nishikawa (西川貴教) last album about 5 years ago, he has finally released his 9th album "Cloud Nine" on 20 April 2011. Before I listened to this album I only knew ONE. SINGLE. SONG from T.M.Revolution *shame* (used to listen a lot to Abingdon Boys School though!). I've been addicted to invoke for a little while, which I once heard as a DDR song played at Anime conventions here in Holland. I don't really understand myself for not having known more songs bij him >o< This album is definitely awesome!

Personal favorites from this album are: Pearl in the shell, Wasteland Lost, crosswise and Save The One, Save The All. Might listen to some of his older songs too :3

T.M.Revolution - Cloud Nine [20.04.2011]
02. Pearl in the shell
03. Naked arms
04. resonance
05. Imaginary Ark
06. 水に映る月 (Mizu ni utsuru Tsuki)
07. Wasteland Lost
08. Thousand Mornings Refrain
10. crosswise
11. 09 Lives
12. Fate & Faith
13. Reload
14. Fortune Maker
15. soul's crossing
16. Lakers
17. Save The One, Save The All
18. vestige
(credits go to jrockvisualkei.com)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ bonus tracks) at CDJapan

Cloud Nine [album CM]:


20 April, 2011

LM.C - Super Duper Galaxy [+ single download]

The 11th single from LM.C. It will be released on 18 May 2011 but a download's already up! Be sure to support LM.C by purchasing their releases~! Some links to CDJapan can be found below :3

I kinda lost interest in LM.C, but hearing Super Duper Galaxy made me hooked again :) Have to look up their other recent singles somewhere soon~

LM.C - Super Duper Galaxy [18.05.2011]
01. Super Duper Galaxy
02. Bad Spider
The download link is offline - again. You can try downloading the torrent below (note: it's not my upload)
Download torrent here

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD and application card (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ original ring and application card (valid in Japan only)) at CDJapan

Super Duper Galaxy [CM]:

11 April, 2011

It's a Pikachu.. shirt!

If you're following me you must know I'm all into Pokémon *again* since I've been playing Pokémon Black~ I was dying to buy a (cute) Pokémon shirt so I looked around on eBay. Raaah eBay is so dangerous! It's full of mines and traps >o< My poor wallet D: It was pretty cheap though so I decided to buy it anyway haha :D It's not an original shirt though, but oh well! I've received it about a week ago but I forgot to blog about it~~ xp

My hair looks really short D: Just brought it to my back to show the print :3
It's so adorable! And it fits me perfectly~ I'm really happy with it! Pikachu is so cute >w<

20 March, 2011

Leafeon & Glaceon in Pokémon Black/White

While going through my Pokémon Black & White guide, I've read something about the possibility to evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon in both the Black and White version. That's really awesome, I adore Eevee's evolutions x3

The first thing I did after reading that is breeding an egg from my Vaporeon and a random Ditto in SoulSilver. Still have to let it hatch though~ *impatient, cough* xp You can transfer your Pokémon over to Black & White from games of the previous generations, like HeartGold/SoulSilver and Diamond/Pearl. Go here to read all about it~ :3

Note: I just realized that it's only possible to transfer your Pokémon after finishing the main story. My Eevee just hatched from its egg, but seems like it's totally useless.. for now *idiot* XD

To get Leafeon, level Eevee up in Pinwheel Forest near the moss-covered rock.
To get Glaceon, level Eevee up in Twist Mountain near the ice-covered rock.

I'm having trouble deciding whether to let Eevee evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon. They both look awesome, but Grass-type generally aren't very strong and have a lot of weaknessess, while Ice-type have more advantages and less weaknesses. On the other hand, I already have a Water-type Pokémon in my team which I can also teach some icy TM's and Leafeon just looks too cool not to have in my team *dilemma* xD

08 March, 2011

Moar Pokémon!

I'm all hyped up about Pokémon again since I got the Black version (DS) last week. I don't like it as much as I liked SoulSilver though, but it is a fun and awesome game! =] Well yeah, it's Pokémon, of course it's fun~

Before I bought it I didn't even know the store I work at is also selling Pokémon Black & White guides! o_o I haven't seen it in the shelves, but it seems that only customers who order the guide are able to get it, so I've ordered one for myself immediately and got it the day after! =D

That very same day, my cousin messaged me that his work gave him a Pokémon Black key chain and told me I could have it if wanted. Of course I agreed =] Already attached it to my bunch of keys xD

Remember I've mentioned something about a Pokémon download event that would be held in Holland in my previous post? I had to work that day, but my dad went to go get the Pokémon Victini for me =D I thought that I would get it immediately, but what they did is giving me a Liberty Pass so I can enter a ship (in Castelia City) to Liberty Garden and catch it myself. I caught it today! :3 I love how it's psychic/fire <3

For the ones who couldn't make the event but still want to capture Victini, there is a Wi-Fi event going on from 4 March 2011 - 22 April 2011. I believe this counts for Europe (only?). You can get the liberty pass through Wi-Fi to visit Liberty Garden :3

04 March, 2011

Pokémon Black GET!

Yes I haz it! I've been waiting for this game to be released, I really couldn't wait! >w< Then I got this text message yesterday, which was one day before the release date, that I could already come pick it up at the store. But I didn't have time damnit XD So I got it today! :3

Oh right! Tomorrow (5 March 2011) there will be a download event here in Holland. You can download a rare Pokémon called Victini at Toys XL. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, but I asked my dad if he wanted to go get it for me and he will! Yay! =D

I'm gonna go play it now, I'm really excited! =D

28 February, 2011

SID - dead stock [+ album download]

シド (SID) have released their 7th full-length album this week~ A download can be found below! Personal favorites from this album are NO LDK, Ranbu no Melody and Rain :3

Ranbu no Melody is also the 13th opening theme from the anime Bleach.

シド - dead stock [23.02.2011]
01. NO LDK
02. シェルター (Shelter)
03. cosmetic
04. いいひと (Ii Hito)
05. 乱舞のメロディ- ALBUM MIX (Ranbu no Melody)
06. レイン (Rain)
07. dog run
08. one way
09. 2月 (Nigatsu)
10. ワイフ (Wife)
11. sleep
12. Sympathy
(this is NOT my upload)

- Regular edition at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type A] (+ DVD) at CDJapan
- Limited edition [Type B] (+ DVD) at CDJapan

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